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Consumables for any brand HPLC systems available. Kromega is product from Jaytee Biosciences, UK.

The kromega range of high quality chromatography parts includes a range of high performance HPLC lamps. The kromega HPLC lamp range is certain to appeal to customers looking for a viable alternative to OEM prices without compromising quality. All kromega high specification deuterium lamps are supplied with guaranteed compatibility and performance. The pre-focussed HPLC lamps have been specifically designed for use in the most popular detector models and are manufactured using the purest materials, backed-up by ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

Jaytee use the range ourselves, both as test units and for our wide customer base, so customers can be assured of the lamps quality and lifetime performance.

All lamps are supplied with a Quality Assured Certificate and warranty.

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